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How To Program LiftMaster Universal Remote Control 375LM & 375LMC

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Estimated reading time: 1 min

1.Start with your gate or garage door closed.

2.Open the remote control by sliding the battery cover down. You will need to press and hold the program button until the LED lights up (approximately 2 seconds)


3.Press and release the SMART/LEARN button on your gate or garage door opener.liftmaster 375 remote programing

4.Press and release the button. When the LED stops flashing, continue to press and release the button until a click is heard from the garage door opener, a light on the garage door opener blinks, the garage door opens/closes, or a beep is heard from the gate operator (maximum 18 times).

The LED on the Universal Remote Control MUST stop blinking between each press of the button. The code is accepted when a click or beep is heard, a light blinks, or the door/gate activate.

If your gate or garage has dip switches you will need to match the remote control DIP switches to the existing receiver or existing remote control

5.Press the program button to exit programming mode. Programming is now complete

6.Press the programmed button to activate your product. If product does not activate, repeat the programming steps 3-6 again. NOTE:If you have a 2 position DIP SWITCH and programming fails, reverse DIP SWITCHES (OFF to ON and ON to OFF)

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