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Aiphone Enhances IX-SOFT Software Solution, Unveils Adaptor To Turn PCs Into Feature-Rich Intercom System

Aiphone, the globally renowned company in international manufacturer of intercom and security communication products, has enhanced the IX Series PC Master Station Software. It now offers two easy-to-use options, to turn any personal computer into a feature-rich intercom.
IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT software
The IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT software solutions give customers the option to choose between a portable, plug-and-play USB dongle, to activate individual personal computers or a multipurpose adaptor for a single PC, a group of five PCs, or a group of ten PCs.
Since the adaptor uses inputs to send task commands to specific PC stations, it provides increased security by remaining in a secure location, instead of physically at the station. This adaptor option is important for companies, which do not allow the use of USB dongles on computers.
Easy-to-use and convenient option for customers
The IX-SOFT series continues to be an easy-to-use and convenient option for all customers”

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Imou Launches New Outdoor Smart Home Security Cameras

Pioneers in video-centric smart IoT solutions & services, Imou launch two new outdoor, smart home security cameras, the Bullet 2 and Cruiser.
Human detection and smart tracking
Imou’s newly launched cameras aim to give consumers the ability to confidently protect their homes and loved ones, through smart connections and high-definition surveillance.
A highly beneficial human detection has the capability of identifying human targets outside the home and distinguishing them from pets or other moving objects, to avoid false alerts. The Cruiser pan and tilt camera feature Imou’s Smart Tracking algorithm which quickly follows and focuses on moving targets, ensuring complete protection of your home. 
Smart night vision and alarm notifications 
Built-in spotlight enables users to capture footage with clear-as-day clarity, even in the dark
Available in both 2MP (1080P) and 4MP (2K), the newly launched cameras also have built-in spotlights whi…

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Dahua Explains Why Moving Video Surveillance To Cloud Is A Good Idea

With recent advancements in cloud technology and the increasing demand for remote work, more and more organizations and businesses consider migrating their physical infrastructure and video security into the cloud.
The Video Surveillance Report 2020 from IFSEC Global revealed that 44% of security professionals are now using cloud-based tech in their surveillance systems. By storing data in the cloud (rather than on-site equipment), users can remotely access, preview/playback their video footage, and manage related devices from anywhere via the internet.
Benefits of cloud-based solutions 
Due to the numerous benefits of cloud technology, cloud-based solutions like Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) are evolving rapidly, with increasing popularity among Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) users and organizations seeking to upgrade their traditional server-based video security systems.
According to Marketsandmarkets, the VSaaS market is expected to grow from USD 2.2 bi…

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USA Launches Three-In-One Camera To Take Proactive Approach To Video Monitoring

Dahua Technology, a video-centric, provider of smart IoT solutions, has announced the release of a Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) for its North American market, built to deter unwanted behavior in three different ways.
Proactive approach
With warm-light LEDs, an active alarm with red and blue flashing lights, and two-way talk, the TiOC helps security operators take a proactive approach and stop incidents before they occur.
These features are referred to in shorthand as “lights, camera, action,” says Jennifer Hackenburg, product marketing director at Dahua USA. “The camera helps our customers actively direct security operations while decreasing the need for on-site personnel.”
Smart Illumination
Using LEDs only when there is a target reduces light pollution as well”
Where traditional security cameras may struggle to render usable video at night, the TiOC solves this issue with Smart Illumination. When integrated with Smart Motion Detection,…

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