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Imou Launches New Outdoor Smart Home Security Cameras

Pioneers in video-centric smart IoT solutions & services, Imou launch two new outdoor, smart home security cameras, the Bullet 2 and Cruiser.
Human detection and smart tracking
Imou’s newly launched cameras aim to give consumers the ability to confidently protect their homes and loved ones, through smart connections and high-definition surveillance.
A highly beneficial human detection has the capability of identifying human targets outside the home and distinguishing them from pets or other moving objects, to avoid false alerts. The Cruiser pan and tilt camera feature Imou’s Smart Tracking algorithm which quickly follows and focuses on moving targets, ensuring complete protection of your home. 
Smart night vision and alarm notifications 
Built-in spotlight enables users to capture footage with clear-as-day clarity, even in the dark
Available in both 2MP (1080P) and 4MP (2K), the newly launched cameras also have built-in spotlights whi…

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